Harry Styles misses his simple life

Harry Styles, the One Direction singer, may be a 5th of one of the largest bands in the planet, but the singing sensation has now suggested that he misses his old simple life – the time before he was slung in the limelight.

In the brand new Docomo trailer, Styles can be spotted taking a little moment to pond on his earlier life, stating that he did not mind school, accepting that life was much easier before One Direction hit the limelight.

Still, judging by the trademark cheeky grin of the One Direction heartthrob in the video clip, people must not take Harry Styles’ remembering too seriously. In the video, he smiles and says: “A few years ago….. life was simple,

“I actually liked school but just didn’t like homework.”

The video clip also checks the rest of One Direction members looking back on childhood days. Louis joked that he was the clown of the class. In the meantime, it was recently disclosed that Styles had hit the tattoo parlor once again, with the hunk being pictured along with a fan revealing a new anchor tattoo on his left wrist which covered his earlier ink-print that says ‘I Can’t Change’.

He still has some regrets. He recently stated that he regret this one on  his wrist – this is just crap.

Harry Styles says he would like to stay with the band till he is 70

Well known British boy band’s floppy haired singer Harry Styles has stated that he would like to tour with the band when he is in his 70s. He would not like to leave his band mates and go solo. In a recent interview, he claimed that his relationship with other band members is really incredible.

The gloppy haired British singing sensation stated that the relationship which he has grown with these 4 mates that he did not know 4 years ago is just absolutely insane and it is just incredible. He stated that he is quite lucky that he was able to spend much time with them.

In the interview, the presenter asked him whether he would like a solo career. He answered that he is hundred percent with band. He is not thinking about anything else. When questioned where he would prefer to be in the coming ten years. He told that he would still tour with One Direction. He loves this job very much. He would do this till he was old and people were telling him to stop.

In an earlier interview, speaking about his girl fans, he told that the reason why girls like them is that they are quite like the guys knocking around at the back of the classroom.

In that interview, the blonde host asked Niall why he and Styles are single. The Irish singer jokingly said: “Why are you asking me out?” The host replied that they are too young for her.